Laughing Horse Productions Inc took part in the 2013 Hills Festival of Drama and the State DramaFest.

There is only one production taking part;

Kecks by John Chambers
Directed by Adam Salathiel

Synopsis - Karen and her mother Petula are in an exclusive lingerie shop, preparing for Karen’s wedding night. Petula is prompted to reveal more than Karen wanted to hear about her own sex life, but then when she tries on a basque, Karen reveals more than she wanted about her own relationship.

Starring - Cally Zanik as Karen and Jude St Clair as Petula

Following the festivals, Laughing Horse Productions won the following awards at the State DramaFest;

Best Stage Manager - Adam Salathiel

Adjudicator’s Certificate for Bold Performance - Cally Zanik & Jude St Clair

Adjudicator’s Certificate for Outstanding Set - Laughing Horse Productions